GTC provides inspection, testing, quality control and staff augmentation to various sectors, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, power, utilities, and construction. Our team brings proven expertise to every project.


GTC’s geotechnical engineering expertise helps our clients save time, money and resources. We conduct field work in even the most remote areas and perform boring services capable of 30-100 meters depths. Our client-specific reports provide comprehensive data to aid in the decision-making and project foundation design.

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Quality Control

We understand that employing quality control practices throughout the lifecycle of a project helps save our clients time and money. Our team of experienced technicians and engineers provide quality control tests to keep projects compliant with international standards and building codes.

Projects Inspection & Evaluation

We provide a wide range of project inspection and evaluation services. Our experience includes everything from the inspection of the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure to the evaluation and inspection of pipe coatings, weldings, and the electrical integrity of facilities. Our clients receive detailed reports tailored to their specific project and documentation needs.


GTC conducts land surveys of project sites and foundations. Our survey services include geographical information system mapping, as well as the highest standard survey equipment for precise and comprehensive surveying and mapping of urban planning, environmental, and engineering projects.


GTC conducts calibration of equipment as a service to labs and concrete & asphalt patching plants to insure compliance. The testing ensures that all data provided to our clients is valid and can be used with the highest confidence of accuracy.

Oil Drilling Services

GTC provides staff augmentation services for oil drilling projects. With our network, we can provide teams of technical professionals trained to operate oil drilling equipment. Our staffing options include high caliber professionals from all over the world.

Environmental Studies

Our environmental scientists and engineers conduct thorough environmental assessments to ensure that our clients are compliant with current standards. We regularly conduct air and water quality assessments, as well as odor control assessments and waste disposal and mitigation planning.

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